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10th May 2021



Dear Old Williamsonians and friends,



The 119th Old Williamsonian Club Annual Dinner


It gives me the greatest pleasure to inform you that it looks as though we are going to be able to go ahead and hold our Annual Dinner in 2021.

It is not clear that this event will be even better supported than usual as it is the first OW event for a very long time or whether people will stay away for fear of Covid; obviously, I hope it is the former. The Ballroom at the St. George Hotel can cater for 300, so I do not think room is going to be an issue.


The Date


6:45 for 7:30 on Saturday 23rd October 2021.


Please note start time and that free champagne (well, it’s prosecco really!) will be available from that time.


The Venue


The Ballroom at the St. George Hotel, Chatham (full address shown later in this notice).  Dress code is formal, with black tie preferred for the gentlemen and posh frocks for the ladies.


The Format


As usual, formalities will be kept to an absolute minimum thus maximising the time for conversing with old friends as well as making new friends.   


The Cost


Your Committee have decided to keep the cost to £30 per person for the ninth successive year.


The Menu


We have chosen a menu which, apart from the main course, is suitable for all.  Obviously, we will make appropriate arrangements for coeliacs or diabetics although you will need to indicate this requirement on your booking form as well as indicating if you require the vegetarian/vegan main course option.


Turmeric roasted cauliflower soup


Slow braised beef in Kentish ale

Sautéed new potatoes







Chargrilled butternut squash & aubergine stacks

Roasted pepper

Black bean salsa


Fresh fruit cocktail with Mediterranean lemon sorbet


Cheese & biscuits


Coffee & mints



It was great in 2019 to see so many new faces, especially as a lot of them were from the new generation of Old Williamsonians.  Let us hope that in 2021 there are even more young people there, as well as the stalwarts.


Other Details

  • If you wish to attend, please complete the form below and send it to me as soon as possible.Payment is required with booking.

  • If you are unable/do not wish to attend, please let me know and I will bother you no more.

  • If you wish to arrange overnight accommodation please contact the hotel direct; contact details are at the end of this notice.


Final word


This is the only event in the whole calendar which is truly open to every Old Williamsonian (and their guests, of course) and having had bags of notice, I hope you will do your utmost to support the Annual Dinner in 2021


Yours sincerely


Ian McLeod

Chairman/Event Impresario, Old Williamsonian Club


Hotel contact details:-

St. George Hotel

7-8 New Road Avenue


Kent ME4 6BB


Telephone       01634 841012



Booking form


Please reserve me ______ seats for the 2021 Dinner for the guests listed below. I enclose my cheque in the sum of £________ made payable to the Old Williamsonian Club. I have transferred the sum of £______  to the OW account.  (Delete as appropriate).


My name ______________________     My email address_________________________


Names of attendees 



Please indicate on this booking form if any of your party wishes to have the vegetarian/vegan main course or if they have any other special dietary requirements.


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, however you like to see yourselves, 

As most of you have been only too well aware, last year I was persuaded by an ex student of mine who runs a publishing firm to write my memoirs. My family is, I suspect, sick to death of hearing the old man talking about it but we have at last reached the end of the road and I find myself appearing as a supposed author on Amazon, Waterstones, W.H. Smith, Foyles, all of which will deliver to you. There are also other booksellers, including for some reason an Italian firm who offer a translation! 

It's all rather beyond me. Still, I hope you will find something of interest to engage your attentions within the two hundred plus pages. It also has some pictures in it and a very witty cover!

Its title is as follows:

A LUCKY LIFE or The Memoirs of a 1950's Lad, with the author's name underneath . It is published by the Conrad Press and its ISBN number is 978-1-913567-78-1.

It will set you back a tenner but whatever payment comes my way will go to bolster the funds of The Leicester International Music Festival and in London The Philharmonia Orchestra, both organisations with which I have been closely involved over the years.

Neil Roberts

OW Club Cufflinks
Cufflinks are now available to be ordered by contacting Geoff Lee ( costing just £15 a pair. Please contact Geoff as soon as possible if you are interested.

November 2020 OWC Newsletter

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OWHC 75th Annual Dinner

First and foremost, thanks for all your support to date ahead of the 75th Dinner. We have had a record number of people sign up and pay for what was looking to be a great celebration of the club’s 75th season.  

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the real world – the Corona virus is disrupting so much: people’s work, health, hockey and social lives. With everything that’s going on, and following government advice, we are going to have to postpone the dinner until a time when everything has calmed down. 

Our plans are as follows… If we are able to, we will look to put on a Club Day at the earliest available date at the school once this storm has passed. It is our intention to present the club awards then.


More importantly, we are looking to secure a date in April 2021 for the re-arranged dinner and will confirm once we have a new date locked down. Depending on the Corona situation, we may have a date for you in weeks – but regrettably it’s more likely to be months away. For those who have paid already for the dinner, we plan to hold onto your money until the new date has been confirmed. If at that point, you’d like to be refunded (because you can’t make the date) we will of course refund you the price of your ticket in full. If, however, you’d prefer a full refund - please send through your bank details (sort code, account number, name of account holder) and we will get your money sent back to you asap. 

Thanks very much again for your support so far. It’s fair to say we could absolutely not have got as far as we did without the support of our sponsors – Cooling Castle Barn and the team at DGB. Cancelling the dinner has been absolutely gut-wrenching but we are confident that the re-arranged dinner will be even bigger and better as we all seek to make up for lost time in the company of great friends and Old Williamsonians! 

All the best, please get in touch using the usual email – with any questions. 

The OWHC Committee