2020 OW Club Dinner is CANCELLED


Chairman, Ian McLeod, said:

" It is with a heavy heart that I write to you this evening. 

I had been hoping against hope that we would be able to hold the Annual Dinner on 21st November, but the latest proclamations from Boris and his cronies  make this impossible.  Rather than prolonging the agony, we have cancelled the Dinner so that everyone, including the venue, knows where they stand". 

Details of any refunds etc will be conveyed to members by Geoff Lee, Treasurer OWC.

Alan R Hall  (11/4/1927 to 16/5/2020)


Alan was a past Headmaster of the School from 1971 till 1989.

"Alan was born and raised in Wolverton where he attended school. He was an excellent student. At the age of seventeen he gained a place in London to study Physics. Science and its applications remained an abiding interest in his life. He was a keen member of the Association for Science Education, which he later chaired. He influenced many people to study science including myself. He was always fascinated by the latest technology and learnt a great deal about IT after he retired.

Alan graduated just after WW2 ended and undertook his National Service teaching at Hackney Downs School. There he discovered his love of teaching and started in the profession he followed all his working life. After five years at Hackney Downs he moved to St Dunstan’s College in Catford where he was promoted several times. His final post was as Headmaster at Sir Joseph William’s Mathematical School in Rochester. He took up the post in September 1971 and enjoyed his time there until he retired in 1989. He remained interested in the progress of past pupils and the development of the school he had led for so many years until his death.

While at Kings College London Alan met his future wife Pamela. They settled in Beckenham (South London) where together they raised their family of four daughters: Jane, Penny, Sarah, and Cathy. He always maintained that the four girls at home balanced out all the boys he taught! Their marriage lasted forty-five years until Pamela died. He is survived by all four daughters.

At home Alan was a talented pianist and enjoyed a wide range of music. He also loved gardening and grew most of the vegetables and soft fruit that the family ate. In this he was ahead of the current trend for self-sufficiency. In his last garden he planted a camomile lawn and grew a wide range of flowers. Alan was a very sociable person and an excellent raconteur. He could tell a good story and hold an audience. At conferences he could always be found in the centre of a circle of people.

Alan believed in contributing to his local community. He was a committed member of the Rochester Rotary Club and had been a steward at Rochester Cathedral. In retirement he was a keen member of Headrest, an association for retired headteachers, and enjoyed many holidays and social occasions with his close friend Marilyn.

Alan was a highly ethical person and was always positive about the future. He believed in looking forward and not dwelling on the past. He continued to look forward to new experiences until recently. He still enjoyed solving crossword puzzles which he learnt to complete online. He will be sadly missed by all those whose lives he touched.


Jane Wheatley"

The Club send their sincere condolences to his family and friends.



The 37th Old Williamsonian Club Annual Veterans’ Luncheon 2020


Dear Old Williamsonians and friends,

I am sure that this announcement will not come as a surprise to anybody.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that the Veterans’ Lunch planned for Wednesday 15th April 2020 has to be postponed sine die.

I say “postponed” advisedly; it has not been cancelled but merely deferred until we are free of the grip of this accursed coronavirus.

The School is now closed and will be indefinitely, and in my view there is no point in re-organising the lunch until we know for sure that sanctions have been lifted and that may well be not until much later in the year. However, as far as is humanly possible, we shall have the same event, same menu etc., but just not for a while yet. The easiest outcome from the Club’s perspective is if you agree that we may hold on to the money you have already paid which will ensure your place at the new event; if that date does not suit you for whatever reason, obviously you will be refunded. This will avoid us having to repay all attendees and you having to pay again when the new date is known. However, if you feel you would like to be reimbursed now, let me know and I will arrange it.

I am deeply sorry it has come to this but we really do not have any other option.

Finally, I hope you all stay safe through these difficult times and I look forward to welcoming you all to the postponed Lunch some time later this year.

Kind regards

Ian McLeod

Chairman, Old Williamsonian Club


OWHC 75th Annual Dinner

First and foremost, thanks for all your support to date ahead of the 75th Dinner. We have had a record number of people sign up and pay for what was looking to be a great celebration of the club’s 75th season.  

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the real world – the Corona virus is disrupting so much: people’s work, health, hockey and social lives. With everything that’s going on, and following government advice, we are going to have to postpone the dinner until a time when everything has calmed down. 

Our plans are as follows… If we are able to, we will look to put on a Club Day at the earliest available date at the school once this storm has passed. It is our intention to present the club awards then.


More importantly, we are looking to secure a date in April 2021 for the re-arranged dinner and will confirm once we have a new date locked down. Depending on the Corona situation, we may have a date for you in weeks – but regrettably it’s more likely to be months away. For those who have paid already for the dinner, we plan to hold onto your money until the new date has been confirmed. If at that point, you’d like to be refunded (because you can’t make the date) we will of course refund you the price of your ticket in full. If, however, you’d prefer a full refund - please send through your bank details (sort code, account number, name of account holder) and we will get your money sent back to you asap. 

Thanks very much again for your support so far. It’s fair to say we could absolutely not have got as far as we did without the support of our sponsors – Cooling Castle Barn and the team at DGB. Cancelling the dinner has been absolutely gut-wrenching but we are confident that the re-arranged dinner will be even bigger and better as we all seek to make up for lost time in the company of great friends and Old Williamsonians! 

All the best, please get in touch using the usual email – with any questions. 

The OWHC Committee