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The Club



The Old Williamsonian Club exists to promote mutual support between the School, its Trustees, its current and former pupils and staff. This is achieved by the regular passing of information to all its members by means of postings on this website and the individual sporting section websites and, the School Magazine, “The Williamsonian”, that is available both online and I hardcopy.


The Trustees and the School make available to the Club facilities that include the Pavilion which is used as our Clubhouse, the Sports Hall, the Playing Fields and the All Weather Playing Surface. These facilities, provided at a competitive cost to the Club mean that the Club can offer both sporting and social activities. The Sections of the Club organise the various activities that use the facilities.


On joining the OW Club members can join in any or all of the sporting and other activities. The current sporting Sections of the Club are Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Badminton, most of which have thriving junior teams, together with the OW Lodge.


The Club and the School share a strong relationship with many events planned throughout the year. One such event is Founder’s Day which takes place on the first Saturday in July and more recently, the bi-annual Sports Relief Day activities.

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